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What is your type?

My previous post looked at how what we read, wrongly or rightly creates a perception of who we are. Superficial though it is, have you noticed yourself finding a lot about someone’s personality by what they read? Here are some outrageous generalisations on a few personalities I prepared earlier!

The Capitalist

The Capitalist thinks the The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People is the best book ever written. They would rather watch the movie version than read the book.  Also likes– crime fiction, Dale Carnegie.

The New Ager

New Ager has the zeal of the newly converted and awash in pseudo-spiritualism. Men may be vegetarian and girls may wear beads and make constant references to ‘The Universe’.  The New Ager loves Kahlil Gibran, Paulo Coelho, The Celestine prophecy. Also likes– India, self-help. 

 The Bonnet Girl

BG is named as such for her love of Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters. She is an idealistic romantic who watches period dramas on the ABC and has fantasies of a modern day Mr Darcy sweeping her off her feet. She often engages in mock-Victorian speak in everyday conversation and thinks it’s hilarious (though nobody else does). Also likes– Nathaniel Hawthorne, Henry James and Edith Wharton.

The Existentialist

The Existentialist follows the prophets Camus and Sartre. They are postmodern, melancholy with nihilistic tendencies, often ruminating on the futility of life and human condition in general. The Existentialist has Marxist/revolutionary  tendencies.  Also likes– Russian writers, Kafka, Che Guevara.

 The Feminist

The feminist feels morally conflicted about enjoying artists that don’t jive with her politics. She often judges a writer by his personal life (only the male writers are judged.)  She loves Virginia Woolf, Simone de Beauvoir, Maya Angelou and Alice Munro and will often go into rants about patriarchal hegemony.  The Feminist makes a good pairing with The Existentialist and despises but is also strangely drawn to Cowboy/Seducer.  

The Cowboy

The Cowboy thinks of himself as a freedom loving non-conformist. Cowboy fancies masculine writers such as Jack Kerouac and Norman Mailer. He thinks of homelessness as a fashion statement and may justify cheating on philosophical grounds. Also likes- Hemingway, Updike, Steinbeck. The more idealistic Cowboys are inspired by Walt Whitman and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

The Seducer

The Seducer is an unapologetic libertine who find their inspiration in Byron and Oscar Wilde. He may actually think he IS Byron or Oscar Wilde. The Seducer enjoys saying droll and witty things in order to impress and is depressingly self-conscious.  Also likes– Marquis de Sade, Choderlos de  Laclos, Kama sutra and the romantic poets.  Attracted to– Everyone.

The Sci-Fi geek

The Sci-Fi geek enjoys all things science fiction.  They are usually massive Lord of the Rings fans. Generally warm, nerdy, loyal, uber-smart and  mathematically minded. Also likes– Star Wars, Star Trek, astronomy and obscure fields of interest like nanotechnology. Sci-Fi geek and Bonnet girl are a match made in heaven.

The Witch

The Witch will refer to herself proudly as such and regards herself as somewhat of a femme fatale. She adores Anais Nin and has a fascination with erotic literature and the occult. Also likes–  Lolita, horror novels, Stephen King,  Lady Chatterley’s lover.  Attracted to– the Seducer.

The Serious Literary Person

SLP can quote from the Iliad and the Odyssey, and will often drop in conversation their love of Proust and Ulysses.  SLP disdains all things commercial and will often hunt for the most obscure literary titles to show off their encyclopaedic knowledge. SLP enjoys getting into arguments and generally has a background in criticism or academia.  Also likesguilty pleasures , hates- the Capitalist. Attracted to– themselves.

Do you see yourself or anyone else in one or more of the types? Can you think of anymore ‘types’?

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