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What reviewers are saying about ‘Desi Girl: On feminism, faith and belonging’

🗣️ “Malik’s strength and joie-de-vivre shines through this memoir as she tells of life’s peaks and troughs with a spirited lightness of touch.” –The Sydney Morning Herald

🗣️ ‘Desi Girl will resonate with readers from migrant or immigrant backgrounds, and anyone else who has lacked seeing their own reality reflected in mainstream culture….Examining her own place in society and the forces that have helped shape her beliefs, Malik has woven together a series of thoughtful essays that ask the reader to consider their place in the world and the systems that allow it. In crisp and precise prose, Desi Girl maps Malik’s life around Sydney’s suburbs and beyond.” -Books and Publishing

🗣️ “Through her experience, the Walkley Award-winning writer explores the first-generation migrant experience with heart, humour and incredible insight.” – The Saturday Paper

🗣️ “Feminism, faith and belonging are central to this engaging and thoughtful collection of autobiographical essays by Walkley-award winning journalist Sarah Malik.” -The West Australian.

🗣️ “Malik is a master of storytelling, and Desi Girl has the magic of fiction.” –Arts Hub

🗣️ “A triumph! Sarah’s candour, generosity, warmth and insight are a joy and comfort to read. The book I wish I’d had as a young writer.” -Alice Pung

🗣️ “Desi Girl is a nuanced, generous and forthright examination of what it means to be at home – in one’s self, culture, politics, family, country, and journey. Turning her experienced journalist’s gaze inward, Malik meticulously retraces the roadmap to where she stands with humour, incisiveness and grace.” -Maxine Beneba Clarke

🗣️ “This book feels like a warm, tight hug. If you’re looking for a blueprint for how to be yourself, this is it. Sarah Malik charts a path that is full of humour and love. You will love this woman in all her searching, wide-eyed, achingly wise wonder.” – Sisonke Msimang

🗣️“Sarah captures the complexities and nuances of a desi girl’s life in Western society beautifully and with such raw honesty. Her journey of discovery will resonate with many, and surprise and delight many others.”
-Mehreen Faruqi

🗣️“I have been waiting for this book and this story that only Sarah Malik could pen with a potent force of literary prowess, authenticity and wry brilliance.”
-Tasneem Chopra


What reviewers are saying about Safar:

“This hardcover book is a visual delight and an enlightening journey in itself. By inviting the reader to explore the various topics such as Adventure, Identity, Confidence and Spirituality, in whichever order they choose, Safar is instantly empowering and deeply personal.” – Arts Hub

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Safar: Muslim Women’s Stories of Travel and Transformation is a beautifully illustrated gift book that explores the emotional and spiritual aspects of journeying. Through a series of interviews with Muslim women from diverse backgrounds, Australian journalist Sarah Malik considers personal growth and self-knowledge in the context of travel.

Safar is the Urdu and Arabic word for ‘journey’. Sarah weaves together her own experiences of travel with the thoughts and feelings of women who share their own adventures and challenges. There are fascinating stories of love and friendship, as well as stories of how travel connects to roots, spirituality, confidence, identity, privilege and inspiration.

Featuring stunning illustrations by award-winning artist and author Amani Haydar, this is an important and loving book offering insights for readers from all backgrounds.