The Guardian: Asylum seeker in hospital with serious burns after setting himself on fire in Villawood


The Guardian: Human rights groups call for an press for an end to detention

The Guardian: UN called for asylum seeker Sayed Abdellatif’s release six months ago

The Guardian: For Sayed Abdellatif, the mental scars add insult to injury

The Guardian: Sayed Abdellatif’s daughters realise HSC dream but have university hopes dashed

The Guardian: Revealed: indefinite detention of asylum seeker is based on conviction secured by torture

The Guardian: Morrison defied advice in denying Sayed Abdellatif chance to apply for visa

The Guardian: Sayed Abdellatif and his extraordinary detention in Australian immigration





Police reveal clue to fatal assault 

Abuse rising, Vic disability watchdog says

Dementia in young people often misdiagnosed

Mounting fears over Melbourne siege

Digital gambling a risk for young people

Nine keeps int’l cricket

Police investigate alleged Vic MP assault 

Victoria’s Seaton count cost of bushfire

Man dies in eastern Victoria bushfire

Heyfield locals await fire news in pub

Aus 3D breakthrough in growing organs

Drop out rates affected by student type

Geelong mayor ready to advocate for Shell

Abbott details his credentials

Abbott at AFL brekky backs Sydney to win

Abbott lays down credentials

Gillard support loading for disabled kids

Ford to cease manufacturing in Australia

PM defends ad spending

Sea Shepherd undeterred

Ex-banker allegedly stole $120,000: court

Murder hunt as Vic woman’s body found

Vic to ban solariums

Cup is Melbourne’s booziest event 

Alleged kidnapper ‘dug grave’ for victim

Lauren Edgar, 28, died after liposuction surgery

Woman dismembered pensioner’s body, court told

Accused pensioner killer denies crime 

Court told pensioner ‘hounded’

Neighbour heard sounds from accused’s flat

Murder shakes suburbia

SA mother accused of murder

Gillard faces community meeting in SA

SA woman ‘provoked’ to set husband on fire

Alleged gunman faces court in Adelaide

SA woman put methadone in child’s cordial 

Cashier who stole $27 m was ‘naive’

Online shoppers warned of web fraud

Author’s husband on student sex charges

Disabled woman sues bus company

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